What makes Lori different?

Lori has been offering training for positive youth development, community networking and organizational relationship building since 1997 and has spoken nationally regarding youth program development, employment and staff engagement as well as multiple community issues. For 11 years, Lori was the Executive Director of PACCT, a small non-profit in Jefferson County, Colorado, an organization dedicated to the success of youth and community. Additionally, as a former elected official, Lori understands the nuances of an invested community and how they impact the “bottom line.” Lori specializes in positive community, program and relationship development.

Can Lori tailor her message for our group?

Absolutely! Lori will work closely with you to make sure her presentation is customized and tailored for your unique audience. No two keynote address or trainings are the same, and Lori will work with you to make sure you and your audiences needs are covered.

What will it cost us to bring Lori to speak?

Lori does not publish her fee here so that she can work directly with you to best meet your needs. Her conference investment fee includes up to three sessions, plus all air and ground travel expenses. The training investment fee does not include travel expenses, and is available in half or full day formats.

Is there a Q&A session in the keynote?

Lori always wants to support participants learning experiences and is happy to provide a question/answer opportunity.

What AV requirements does Lori have?

Lori’s AV requirements are nothing out of the ordinary. She needs to be able to show a PowerPoint presentation with music and video sound. Lori will need either a VGA or HDMI connector to a projector, along with an appropriately-sized screen for the size of the audience. She’ll also need her computer to be placed in close proximity to hear for the duration of the presentation.

What logistical arrangements make for the best presentation?

It will depend on the size of the group, but essentially you just need to make sure you have enough space and chairs for each anticipated audience member. It’s also important that each person can see the projection screen as the visuals are an important part of Lori’s presentations. If possible, make sure there will be limited interruptions (outside noise, etc.) for the room.